Working with Children Workshops


The Magic Coat is an incredible resource for the classroom. Not only does it help children manage their emotions and troubles positively, it is also a fantastic tool to aid teachers in the classroom management of their students.

Di Wilcox runs workshops for teachers to learn how to use The Magic Coat in their classroom. As part of the workshop package, teachers are given a Teacher’s Resource pack to take away with them so that they are able to immediatley begin using the strategies taught in the workshop inside their own classroom.

This workshop is also a valuable experience for pre service teachers who are about to complete their pracs. It provides pre service teachers with a set of strategies that will help them not only manage their students and build rapport, but also impress their supervising teachers!

Magic Coat Workshops for other community Organisations

The Magic Coat is a valuable tool for anyone working with children. It provides a simple and effective language that children can understand and, if the whole organisation is trained in how the program works, it provides a consistency that children need when going from one adult to another for assistance.

Di Wilcox provides workshops for individual organisations and will tailor the workshop to meet the needs of your organisation according to the role you are expected to play in a child’s life. The Magic Coat is suitable for every young child whether they come from a safe environment or whether they have come from an unstable and dangerous environment. The Magic Coat can empower all children to take control of their own situations a little bit more.

Di has run the Magic Coat with schools, individual children, women’s refuges, police and foster carers and has had amazing success in each of these areas.

If you would like Di to train your organisation in The Magic Coat please get in contact through our contacts page.

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