Helping Your Child to Deal with Worry and Anxiety

Time: 5:30pm - 7pm
Address: Meerilinga Community Centre, 106 Amazon Drive, Beechboro WA
Tue 27 Aug
In this interactive 90-minute workshop you and your child will learn how to recognize what worries your child has and how to deal with these in a simple and effective way, whilst learning:
  • What is worry and anxiety
  • How to use a Worry Ladder to help your child manage everything that is going on in their mind
  • How to put worries into perspective
  • How to manage panic attacks
Children will be introduced to The Magic Coat and taught how the different characters that live inside the pocket can help them with anxiety, on a day to day basis.

This workshop will also give you the tools of communication to create a strong bond between parent and child, as wekk as building your child's self-confidence.

This workshop is suitable for children ages approximately 6-11 years and may also suit older children.

Price: $20 per Adult and $10 per Child
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