Di's Coaching

Mon 01 Jan

Di Wilcox dedicates one day a week to provide one on one coaching to children and their families. Di's gift is to connect one on one with children and teens and to help them become the best version of themselves. She is also able to connect with the parents and provide simple and effective tips and strategies to guide parents to know how to manage the individual needs of their child.

If your child is anxious, angry, sad, disorganised or struggles to socially fit in and make friends then you need to book a session with Di. She has assisted countless numbers for children and teens to find their way back to a path of fullfillment and joy rather than self destruction.

Di has partnered with Direction Psychology so if your child needs to work with a psychologist whilst also working with Di this can be arranged.

While Di is based in Perth, she has travelled to assist families across Australia and overseas.

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