Magic Coat workshops encourage the facilitation of fun activities and conversations that children can do with their parents to assist them in developing social emotional competency on a day to day basis.

Di Wilcox on Helping Children Deal with Familial Financial Pressure | 9NEWS 5PM

Di Wilcox discusses helping children to manage their feelings and anxiety surrounding their family's financial pressure.

Di Wilcox on How to Manage Children When They Are Ignoring You | 9News 5pm

Di Wilcox speaks to Channel 9 about how to manage children when they are ignoring you. Listen to some basic tips and strategies to ensure better communication between parent and child.

Di Wilcox on helping children manage the anxiety or war, pandemic and cost of living | 9News 5pm

Di Wilcox talking on Channel 9 about helping children manage the anxiety or war, pandemic and cost of living as it goes on around them.

Di Wilcox on Channel 9 - The Importance of Sleep for Children

Di Wilcox talks to Channel 9 about why it is important for your child to get enough sleep even in the school holidays. Di also gives some tips and suggestions for helping your child to get a good nights sleep.

Di Wilcox on Channel 9 - Putting Screens Away and Communicating With Kids

Di Wilcox talks on Channel 9 about the importance of putting screens away and communicating with your children.

Di Wilcox on How to talk to children about Covid-19 in WA | 9 News

Di Wilcox shares how we can talk to our children about Covid 19 in Western Australia

Di Wilcox on Morning Routines and Tired Kids Towards the End of Term | Channel 9

Di Wilcox talks on Channel 9 about helping our children with the dreaded morning routine before school and also how to manage our kids getting tired towards the end of term.

Di Wilcox 2021 Foster & Kinship Care Conference Presentation

Di Wilcox was a keynote speaker at this year's Foster Care Association Conference. Here she talks about how to establish routines and boundaries for children foster carers are bringing into the home.

Di Wilcox on Parenting Books | Channel 9

Di was given an interesting question to answer on Channel 9 today. Does reading parenting books make you a better parent? See the whole interview here.

5pm Di Wilcox Chat: Co Parenting

With so many parents getting divorced and children caught in the middle it is imperative that all parents consider effectively co-parenting their children. In this video, Di discusses what co-parenting means and how to do it.

Keeping Holiday Harmony at Home: Di Wilcox on 9 News

Di Wilcox spoke to Nine News today about how we can create more harmony in the home for our families during the school holidays. Listen to what she had to say here.

Sibling Rivalry: Di Wilcox on 9 News

Di Wilcox appears on 9 News to discuss sibling rivalry.

Divorce: Di Wilcox on 9 News

Di Wilcox appears on 9 News to discuss the topic that affects 1/3 Australian families.

School Ready?

Di Wilcox appears on Channel 9 to discuss the preparation of children for the education system.

Teenage Girls Quitting Sports: Di Wilcox on 9 News

Di Wilcox appears on 9 News at 4 to discuss teenage girls quitting sports as they "think they're not good enough."

How to Deal with Back-To-School Nerves

Aussie kids are heading back to school in the next few weeks and for many that can be an anxious time. Di Wilcox joins Sunrise to share her top tips for helping kids to prepare for the new year.

Back to School

Before sending your kids back to school, it is important to re-establish a routine and be prepared for the upcoming school year.

Caring Grandparents

With more and more grandparents having to take over the care of their grandchildren so that parents can work, Di Wilcox talks to Nine News about the pros and cons.

Tackling School Violence

Di Wilcox was interviewed about school violence and how parents can best tackle the problem when they see it. Unfortunately school violence will only cease when we have taught children from a young age how to manage their anger, have self control and empathy for others which is what we teach in The Magic Coat workshops.

Child Sleep Treatment

Di Wilcox talks, on Channel 9, about some of the reasons why children are struggling to sleep and shares some advice for parents on helping children to sleep at night.

Back To School

Di Wilcox provides tips that will help parents to prepare their children to go back to school with less stress and anxiety.

Kids and Christmas

Di Wilcox has a fun conversation with Lisa Fernandez about whether or not we are spoiling children over Christmas. It includes a number of good tips for parents.

The Big Question

In this episode of The Big Question, Di Wilcox has a conversation about whether or not we should be rewarding our children for simply participating in activities or whether we should be rewarding them for particular achievements, to teach them that everyone is successful at different things.

The Big Question - Pocket Money

In this video Di Wilcox has a conversation about whether or not parents should give children pocket money and, if so, how much and what for.

Tech Kids Today

Di Wilcox talks on Channel 9 about how technology is affecting our childrens' ability to have good social/emotional intelligence and what this will mean for their future.

Today Perth News

Di Wilcox talks on Channel 9 about why we are seeing more children suffering from anxiety than ever before. She provides tips and strategies for parents, to help them manage their childrens' anxiety.