Professional Development Register


This register shows the names of those professionals who have completed professional development training of the Magic Coat. These people are able to use The Magic Coat in classrooms, small groups and one-on-one sessions. Please note, large workshops are still provided by Di Wilcox. For further information, please contact Carley at
Organisation First Name Last Name
Wanslea Family Services Amanda Baxter
Wanslea Family Services Jenna Hassell
Depression Support Network Albany Jessica Holmes
Wanslea Family Services Jody Trappitt
Wanslea - Plantagent ELC Katrina Twigger
Wanslea Family Services Margot Morgan
Wanslea Family Services Rheanna McCleery
Wanslea Family Services Simone Pantall
NJL National Joblink Alma Mayor
Zonta House Refuge Association Vanessa Buffham
Zonta House Refuge Association Rebecca Hershman
Zonta House Refuge Association Sharyn Frawley
Centrecare Inc. Kathryn McIntyre
Direction Psychology Sienna Zimpel
YouthCARE Lyn Bayakly
YouthCARE Desiree Wilkie
Ovis Women's Refuge Jemma McCann
Ovis Women's Refuge Michelle Cherubino
Ovis Women's Refuge Aimee Marsh
Ovis Women's Refuge Sonia Goddard
Kewdale Primary School Brian Simpson
Kewdale Primary School Erin Lysle