Mount Manypeaks Primary School

Fri 29 May
Our children were excited and enthralled to be introduced to the characters who lived in the pockets of the Magic Coat – Tate the Turtle, Me’Shell and her string of shells, Winona the Walrus and the five starfish ! Our students inquisitively listened to the description of the characters who each had positive strategies to problem solve, be resilient and develop calmness and confidence. Di Wilcox engaged our children, encouraged fabulous questions and helped our children seek out ways to monitor emotional regulation, develop resilience and make positive decisions. Manypeaks is a small rural school with 18 wonderful children. Whilst country children can often be viewed as exuberant, confident, resourceful and independent, they also need examples, strategies and guidance to empower them with resilience, self-worth, calmness and affirmation to strive for success.

Di and her ‘Magic Coat’ offsider, Mel, provided a professional, supportive, exciting and engaging workshop for our children (and staff !) which has provided a solid ‘stepping stone’ for our school. Thank you, Di and Mel.

Phillip Rowett


Mt Manypeaks Primary School
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