Landsdale Primary School Testimonial

Wed 01 Apr
It is with pleasure that I write a testimonial for Di Wilcox and the Magic Coat program.
We have been fortunate to hear Di speak several times now at Landsdale Primary School and each time staff and parents have been very positive in their feedback about the Magic Coat program.

Last year, through the generosity of the Make A Difference WA Foundation and Grand Cinemas in Warwick, we were able to extend our involvement with Di to offer 4 parent/student workshops. Di provided 2 Dealing with Anxiety workshops, where children attended with their parents to learn about what worry and anxiety are, how to put worries into perspective and how to use a Worry Ladder to help them manage their worries. She also ran 2 Dealing with Friendships and Bullying workshops where parents and students learnt about the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships, how to manage conflict in friendship, the difference between a friendship fight and bullying and how to stand up to a bully without being a bully.

Throughout each of the workshops, Di introduced the students to the story of The Magic Coat and taught how the different characters that live inside the pockets of the coat can help them feel safe and able to deal with difficult situations that they may come across. The workshops provided important opportunities for parents to talk with their children, they were interactive and engaging, and provided parents with positive strategies to support their children.

Di has a wealth of knowledge and is an engaging presenter whose message really resonates with teachers, parents and students alike. I would highly recommend any school to engage with Di and the Magic Coat Foundation in order to support positive mental health and well-being for students by promoting resilience, confidence and calm throughout their day.

Leonie Mattock
Deputy Principal
Landsdale Primary School
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