Ashdale Primary School Testimonial

Wed 01 Apr
The Magic Coat provided our school community with an amazing opportunity to support parents to connect with their children and better understand anxiety. The workshop was practical, fun and empowering for the children (and adults). Di really engaged the audience and created a safe and trusting space for kids to express and understand their fears.

I was surprised at how many families attended the session. Whilst staff are aware some students who displayed fears and anxiety at school, it was very well attended by a range of families who were dealing with anxiety at home. Our families left the session with strategies to support their children. When reflecting and seeking feedback from our school community, the families were grateful for the workshop and felt they were better equipped to help their child.

Thank you to Di and her team who were extremely professional, incredibly genuine and eager to help and support every step of the way.

If families in your school community are seeking strategies to support anxiety in their homes, I highly recommend hosting a workshop at your school.

Christy Craig
Ashdale Primary School
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