Testimonial from Bec

Thu 02 Jul
The Magic Coat program resonated with my sons and gave them practical strategies to deal with their worries.

It’s stuff that makes sense but you don’t think about it until it’s right in front of you. I found it was really good to hear someone put it into play, explain it and talk to you about it.

I attended Magic Coat Workshops addressing anxiety and friendships with my 4, 6 and 9 year old sons, and also purchased the book and pillowcase which they use as tools to manage their feelings. They have also watched the music video and every so often I hear them signing the tune.

The pillowcase has a little pocket in it that you can put your stresses in so you can make a note and put it in there to get your worries out of your head. This has had an impact on my 6 year old.

My 9 year old is both boisterous and sensitive, so I’ve done a lot of things when he was younger, including some very well known Parenting programs, but none of that stuck like the Magic Coat has. He was so taken by the program, he asked for a job at The Magic Coat during question time at the Workshop!

I have kept the program in the back of my mind when I am chatting to my boys about different issues and have often used the techniques that were discussed. I found that it has definitely helped us as a family.

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