Testimonial from Stacy

Thu 02 Apr
Hi Di,

It was really lovely to meet you at Warriapendi the other day. Your work with the Magic Coat program has done wonders for these students. I'll always remember the day a student subconsciously patted down their shirt and pants to look for the tools you had taught them.

As I mentioned in our brief encounter, I have been promoting a similar strategy to the mums in my online mother's group, and also to the mums in my playgroup. The majority of their questions surround dealing with their toddlers, particularly when they inevitably tantrum. Quite a few feel they lack the resilience to "ride out the storm" and sometimes dread having to deal with their children's behaviour, let alone curbing it in public. Beyond diagnosed conditions, these mums feel that they simply cannot cope.

As well as directing them to your resource, I seem to be coaching them through their thought processes, reassuring them that their desire to parent gently will actually produce the results they are seeking. Most of these mums feel their embarrassment and self doubt influencing their decisions, which can sometimes result in mixed messages. Some don't understand that while toddler tantrums are normal, they do not have to fear their own children. I've even had to help change their mindset; the phrases "terrible twos" and "threenager" fuel the negativity around normal behaviour and emotions, both in the child and in the parent.

At the very least, the mums at playgroup can see the results of my parenting, but the mums online are doubtful. This is where I hope you can step in. Putting on my "mum coat" helps me plough through the day with me headstrong daughter, but I've also found it equally important to unpack the thoughts and emotions I had put away, so that I understand the type of mum I can be for my girls. Providing such a resource for these mums would in turn help produce resilient children too.

Thank you for your time. I can't wait to crack out your book to help my daughter prepare for school - in a year!

Yours sincerely,
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