Testimonial from Denise

Wed 01 Apr
My son, daughter and I attended Di’s Magic Coat Worry & Anxiety workshop shortly after their Father had passed. During the workshop it appeared my son was not ready to speak about his feelings however when we got home that night, we ended up talking for hours. I truly believe it helped to open up the conversations I had with my son, strengthening our relationship and assisting him to be ready to discuss his emotions with a professional. I will be forever grateful I gave my son, and myself, that opportunity by attending Di’s workshop.

In our busy lives it is so hard to get the time to sit and talk to your children about their concerns. This workshop allowed me to spend time with my children and identify their biggest worries and Di gave me the tools to help them with these. Di's workshops are time well spent. She is incredible how she can connect with adults and children at the same time.

I can't wait to do another one with my children.

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