Community Outreach Program

The Magic Coat Community Outreach Program

The Magic Coat is a program and set of resources that every child in the world deserves access to, but unfortunately the children who often need this program the most can’t afford it.

The Community Outreach Program provides Magic Coat resources to schools, organisations and not for profits that work with some of the most vulnerable children in the world to help them feel safe, empowered and resilient, to cope with the many challenges that are thrown their way.

This Program relies on the generosity of corporate organisations and individuals who want to make a real difference in these children’s lives.

If your business or organisation would like to assist these children this can be done either through Corporate sponsorship of a specific project or by making a donation, specifying that this is to fund programs for disadvantaged children, to the Make A Difference Foundation.

Corporations who provide sponsorship or donations are given the opportunity to select, geographically where their funds are spent and can choose, depending on their level of sponsorship to have Di Wilcox give a talk to their organisation explaining how all the funds are used and to inspire their organisation's staff to get on board withthis global project.

If you are interested in discussing either of these opportunities, please contact us by clicking the button.

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