For Parents

For the program to be most effective parents or caregivers are encouraged to attend workshops with their children. Each workshop facilitates important connections and conversations between parent and child so that this communication can continue at home. When parents have learnt the Magic Coat strategies along with their child they are more likely to become part of the family language once the child gets home. Just like every other school lesson, children are encouraged to revisit The Magic Coat workshops regularly to see life changing results.

For Professionals

The Magic Coat is an effective social and emotional learning program with a strong focus on Positive Psychology. It encourages recognition of the many different emotions and provides positive and effective ways to manage each one. Children are encouraged to identify their individual strengths and develop social/emotional skills that contribute to positive relationships, resilience and overall mental health and well being.

The Magic Coat is a universal program that doesn't just target one particular type of child. It provides techniques and strategies that are beneficial to every child. The program is taught to teachers, psychologists, social workers, police officers, foster carers and anyone else who deals with children.

More Information For

Digital Workshops Coming Soon!

Di Wilcox is currently in the process of creating video versions of her workshops.

This will be a unique, engaging and educational experience for both parents and children, as well as professionals who don't have access to attend the physical workshops.

Book your school or community workshop

If you would like to book a workshop with The Magic Coat for a school or community please contact Mel at 

Email:                        Phone: 0414 709 099

Direction Psychology

Magic Coat has teamed up with Direction Psychology here in Western Australia to offer a six week course for children. Direction Psychology are holding six week course for small groups of children that require additional social/emotional support using The Magic Coat. For more information please go to