The Magic Heart for Ukraine

The Magic Heart for Ukraine

MagicHeart_01.jpgThe Magic Coat Foundation (formerly Make A Difference WA) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides mental health services and resources to support children between 4-11 years old and their families.

When one of our Foundation Directors, Mr Tom Emery, was conscripted back to Germany to support refugees fleeing the Ukraine, he asked if Founder and CEO, Di Wilcox, would write a special version of her book, The Magic Coat, just for the Ukrainian children. The answer, without a second thought, was of course.

Within weeks, The Magic Coat for Ukraine was specifically written by Di and translated into Ukrainian. The book provides simple and effective strategies, based on cognitive behaviour therapy, to help these children deal with their current devastating circumstances, such as:

  • Losing their homes and schools
  • Losing family members
  • Losing their everyday way of life
  • Finding the courage to meet new people and travel to new places

So far 10,000 copies of The Magic Coat for Ukraine have been printed and distributed, however the Foundation is receiving requests for more copies every day.

While the people of Ukraine have been devastated by this war, the feeling of fear is also being felt by children all around the world as they watch helplessly at what is happening to these innocent people.

The Foundation has created The Magic Heart Project to help the children of the Ukraine by providing more books, as well as helping children by empowering them with something to do that makes a real difference.

MagicHeart_01.jpgYou can be involved in The Magic Heart Project in three ways:

  1. Donate and help fund the printing and distribution of The Magic Coat for Ukraine book.
  2. Encourage your children to draw a magic heart and write a personal message inside. These very special messages will be delivered to Ukrainian children with their Magic Coat for Ukraine book and they will know the world has not forgotten them.
  3. Spread the word to your school, childcare centre, workplace and your family and friends across the world.

We encourage you and your family to be part of The Magic Heart Project and make a difference to children’s mental health.
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