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What is The Magic Coat?

The Magic Coat is an analogy of an imaginary coat that helps children to feel safe and deal with a number of difficult situations they may come across in their young lives. The strategies for dealing with these situations are taught using a range of workshops, books and merchandise.

The Magic Coat encourages children to use strategies that enhance a positive energy, so that they can become confident and resilient but also radiate the positive qualities of love, happiness, compassion and kindness. Positive people feel safe, happy and relaxed and, because the vibe that they radiate is welcoming, they make friends easily.

What's in the magic coat?

There are seven pockets in The Magic Coat. Each pocket contains a character or set of characters that remind children of a positive strategy that they can use to help them manage a difficult situation. The characters empower the children to problem solve for themselves, without always needing an adult. The coat and the characters, combined, encourage children to be resilient, confident and calm throughout their day.

Meet The Characters


The earliest definition of "Magic" is the art of influencing events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces. In simple terms, the art of using natural forces to direct and control energy to produce a desired effect. Did you notice that the word “magnetic” has the word "magic" in it? Take out “net” and you are left with the word "magic".

The most powerful thing in the universe is energy and every person has the ability to excude either positive or negative energy which will affect them and the people around them. This in turn affects the type of life that they will ultimately lead.