Meet The Magic Coat Team

The Magic Coat Team


Di Wilcox is the founder of The Magic Coat. Di has a Bachelor of Social Science in Women and Children Studies and a Diploma of Education. In 2013 she received Momentums Most Inspirational Woman of the year award and in 2012 and 2014 she was a top three finalist for the Pride of Australia Medal. Most recently in 2017, Rotary International presented Di with a Pride of Workmanship award.

After teaching both nationally and internationally, Di was astounded at the number of children who were unable to focus at school. She spent her recess and lunch times speaking with children who she could see were struggling to concentrate, to find out what was going on in their minds. Di discovered that most of these children loved school but could not focus because of all the worries that they had going on in their lives both in and out of school.

After some research, particularly in the area of Positive Psychology Di wrote lessons for her own class to help them manage these worries and build resilience. It didn’t take long before other teachers were asking her to work with their students and then other schools. Soon Di left teaching to focus 100% on developing a program that could provide a common language for adults and children to share, that would help children to build confidence, manage their emotions, build resilience and encourage empathy for others.

This is when The Magic Coat Program was developed and, after three years of piloting the program, Di now presents to hundreds of parents and children but also trains teachers, psychologists, social workers, women refuge workers and the police in how to use the program and resources with the children with whom they work.

Di is available as a keynote and inspirational speaker for corporate events globally and also provides life coaching for children and their families.

Meet The Awesome Team

Carley Wilcox

Carley is finalising her studies to become a clinical psychologist at Murdoch University. Whilst studying, Carley has worked in a number of part-time administrative roles. In addition to her work, Carley has 3 years of volunteering experience working with children and young people who present with complex social, emotional, and behavioural needs. Most recently, Carley volunteered as an education assistant with Banksia Hill Detention Centre. Carley hopes to use The Magic Coat in her work as a clinical psychologist in the future.
“I was fortunate enough to have grown up with the concepts of The Magic Coat. I have experienced the many benefits of using The Magic Coat program myself, which I still find myself using as an adult today. I am now lucky enough to be working alongside my Mum and her amazing team to bring The Magic Coat program to as many children and families as possible.”
- Carley Wilcox

Ethan Wee

As far back as he can remember, Ethan wanted to be a filmmaker. It’s this seemingly lifelong dream that fuels his passion and drive to create art and tell stories. After studying film for a year in 2019, Ethan shifted gears, starting his own freelance filmmaking and videography business. Regardless of the project, telling a story is at the heart of everything Ethan sets out to do - whether fact or fiction.

“Being able to help tell and share The Magic Coat’s story with the world is beyond a privilege for me. After travelling with Di and the team to film at a primary school, I truly understood how clear of an impact that The Magic Coat is having on the community. Hearing stories from young kids who’ve gone through so much is utterly heartbreaking, but when they speak about how The Magic Coat has helped them, it became abundantly evident just how important this is, and solidified in my mind how much I want to help a cause as important as this."
- Ethan Wee